First Entry

English: The Nolichucky River, approaching Erw...

English: The Nolichucky River, approaching Erwin, Tennessee from the east, as seen from the Appalachian Trail just south of Erwin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope this blog can shed some light into what is a very complicated subject: Nolichucky Archaeology.  The Nolichucky is a place filled with a remarkable rich history.  My main interest is researching the later part of this history, between 1200-1800 A.D. which encompasses Cherokee Archaeology and other Native American traditions.  The people who inhabited the Nolichucky River Valley during this time would have been witness to one of the most tumultuous time spans of history.  Many of them would have either seen or heard stories about the first white man to enter the Southeast in the Spanish Entradas.  The first Spanish Entradas would wreak havoc of this Native American way of life and eventually lead to the devastation of some cultures through the spread of disease and warfare.  It’s for this reason that this Archaeology is such a daunting task when it becomes difficult to rebuild a history that was completely shattered and without written.


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